Report writing format for all competitive exams

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What is a Report ?

It is presentation of facts

It is an information

It is presentation of data

It is presentation of expert views/opinions

It is narration of an incident

It is analysis of an issue

Suggestions/ solutions/measures

It is collection of information from reliable sources

How lengthy answer should be written?

Approximately 130-200 (may be more) words or around 1 to 1.5

Per  page report should be written.( Generally it depended upon, the pattern of exam.)

What are the types of reports asked in exam?

In UPSC CAPF AC exam, two types of reports are being asked.

  1. Incident-based report:

These types of reports are based on some incidents happened in the past. For example, Alcohol ban in Bihar, Operation Rahat, Facebook data leak, etc.

In these reports, the structure is different than issue-based reports. In these, in Para 2: Body: 1 You need to write the details of the incident with reference to authentic sources such as authorities (Minister, Ministry, Public officer Government report). For example, in Alcohol ban in Bihar report Chief Minister Nitish Kumar is the source to quote. And in Para 3: Body 2: analysis by the experts (Field experts NGOs, academicians, researchers, activists, scientists) is to be written while addressing various dimensions and positive and negative effects of the incident.

  • Issue-based report:

These types of reports are based on current issues. For example, receding glaciers. corruption in polities, How much time should be devoted to report environmental pollution, etc. These reports writing: have different structure than incidence-based Around 10 minutes each, 1.e. 20 minutes. reports. Here in Para 2: Body: 1 You need to write the causes/ reasons of the issue What constitutes good report? with reference to authentic sources such as Good report follows these criteria authorities or experts (Minister, Ministry Public officer, Government reports, Field experts, NGOs, academicians, researchers, activists, scientists, sociologists). And in Para 3: Body 2: Solutions/ suggestions/ measures by the experts (Field experts, NGOs, academicians, researchers, activists, scientists, sociologists) are to be written.

What type of sources should be mentioned in report?

There are two types of sources that can be used in reports to make them more authentic.

1. Authority: Government officers, departments, government reports are authority sources. They provide information to media. For example, DGMO in surgical strikes, Foreign secretary Vijay Gokhale in Air surgical strikes.

2. Experts: Field experts, NGOs, academicians, researchers, activists, scientists (Biologists, ecologists, etc.)

Why do you need to mention sources ?

Sources make your report look authentic. And Sources: () reporter (you) is not considered as field expert and he/she might not have witnessed the event incidence himself/herself, Hence, we need authentic sources such as Press Trust of India(PTI), Press Information Bureau (PIB).

How much marks can be scored?

Practically in each report you can score 6- 7 marks per question, total 12-14 marks out of 20 marks. It is a high scoring area in paper 2.

How much time should be take to report writing?

Around 10 minutes each, i.e. 20 minutes.

What constitutes good report?

Good report follows these criteria:

1. Crisp and clear report without confusion or ambiguity

2. Good structure

3 Good presentation

4. Sufficient facts/information/data

5. Authentic sources.

6. Fulfilling complete demand of the question

Report writing format in English
Date: DD/MM/YY
Place: Bhubaneswar
Para 1 : Introduction : 2-4 sentences.
Para 2 : Body 1: Facts/information/details/causes/implication
(10-15 sentences#)
Para 3 : Body 2 : Analysis/ solution/measures
(10-20 sentences#)
Para 4 : Conclusion : 2-4 sentences.
Your concluding Remarks
Source :               (ii)